I Miss The Moth You Will Be

Inside the border gates I left unlocked
In my infatuated stupor,
An honest moment
Tried to sow a sacred seed
And by electromagnetic motion
I charged a physical caring…
I wish you could have met me on the same page
But you weren’t ready
And that’s something I should have recognized…
I think I saw your soul,
A glimpse of it, at least,
Through all the layers of armor
That you thought you really were…
And maybe that’s what scared you—
Would I peel off the band-aid
So your scars could finally heal?
Or was the quiet just too deafening
When you’d lay on me and breathe…?

When I’d speak to your Potential,
It’s a sobering reminder
That You and “you” are both your choice,
Even when I see the future,
Even when it sees me back…
But You up on the mountain was,
And “you” up in the ghetto is,
And I don’t know what happened,
But our friendship eroded
To grinding teeth
And bitter,
You stopped watering the garden
And I stopped wasting my water on yours,
And wishing you could be more aware…
I’m sorry you haven’t been listened to
I tried to do my best
But I want to be listened to, too
And there’s no room for a second reflection
Inside your vanity mirror.
I hope the likes are worth it.
But I’ve seen your soul breathe deeper.

I don’t expect an apology.
Or to ever hear from you again.
I just miss the moth you will be
When you’ve emerged from this cocoon…
But outside of time
That frozen moment that
I held you like something precious
As I looked into your eyes—
That intention is an absolute
Throughout time and space.
So beyond this Earth and its bullshit
When we’re dead and spirits floating,
I forgive you
And I forgive me
And maybe we can be
Soul-friends again.

Copyright 2018.