Poem – "The Moment After"

Caution said "don't", for the moment after
When gears kick in and the hours are long
Well I've been here crying for half of an hour
It just keeps on coming like a waterfall

The words you whimpered in the moment during
When sweat beads fall and the minutes are long
Perhaps we gave witness to something holy
But chemicals end just like every song

I'm learning to live with the weight of desire
Cause when I want something, well I want it NOW
But the weight of mistakes leaves little for extra
When I must repay by the sweat of my brow

So I will write hope in the power of magic
To cancel the lesson you've already learned
If you don't believe that the distance is tragic
Here we could build up a tangible world.

And I must admit that it's harder to feel you
When I watch the way the ridge sparkles at night
Guess that I hoped it would fall off better
But let's ask that tiger 'bout changing his stripes...


Copyright 2016 Saproling. All Rights Reserved.