Poem – "Covered in Clitorises"

Does anyone feel
Like an animal fenced in
Like breathing in dry ice
When passion condenses?

Does anyone feel
The weight of the world
Screaming right in your ear
As your toes start to curl?

Does anyone else
Drown in every soft breeze
When any slight touch
Drops you right to your knees?

And writhe in sensations
Of new overwhelm
In a constant crash-landing
Fucking at the helm

Cause all that I've wanted
Is something to scream with
Someone to ride into battle
And bleed with

Someone to punch out
From under the concrete
And cum to the gravity
Underneath our feet

So I want to know
There's a heart out there
Who roars like a tank
And wears vines for hair

And penetrates souls
With every eyeful
Delivering love
Down the sights of a rifle

Moves on and lets the past
Go by just torching it
Worthy to play
With a true lunar scorpion

Can anyone see
What a strange accident this is?
Balancing out
By becoming antithesis

To feel EVERYthing...
What a strange accident this is
Into the world male,
Covered in clitorises...

Copyright 2016 Saproling. All Rights Reserved.