Poem - "As Planned"

And I made love to her darkest of secrets
Poison of Man cast upon her shores
Womb of the Earth is the wombs of our mothers
Who casts the net to regard as whores?

And I was brave so I cut to the balance
Saw disrespect as a poisonous seed
Sickens and twists up in all its is planted
So show me the sound of the healing you need

The harm-giver victim is writhing beside you
Love like a waterfall pours by your ears
To feel a connection and let it consume you
Where are you betting the chips of your fears?

Elephants trumpeting lessons in feelings
Tears from my eyes running down to the sea
The system will balance itself out forever
I just have a thing for those swinging extremes



Copyright 2016 Saproling. All Rights Reserved.