~ ~ ~       I   A M   Y O U .       ~ ~ ~




Truly LIVE music
creates a brand-new and unique experience
with each and every live performance.

No two performances of a song are identical.

Furthermore, each song's performance is shaped by the interaction between the musicians and the audience.
There are no passive listeners — every person present contributes to the energy of the performance.

And because of this, a live show becomes so much more than just seeing a musician play.
It becomes an experience.


There's a reason why stringed instruments remain a classic choice across genres.

These instruments are intimately entwined with the human experience.

Generations upon generations have grown up hearing the sounds and feeling the vibrations they produce.
The timbre of strings is deeply familiar and soothing to us as human beings.

Like a mother's cooking.

Stringed instruments also allow for a tremendous amount of expression in their playing,
allowing for a deep range of emotions to be expressed and a rich and unique overall experience to be created.


There's no denying music has incredible power
and deeply accesses a part of our Being that nothing else can.

When music is made with the deliberate intention to heal, the results can be nothing short of miraculous.

And while we might never be able to describe exactly how good melody does what it does,
music takes its form in frequencies, and that can be measured.

What we define as "music" is really a set of mathematical relationships called "notes,"
all relative to a defined frequency known as the "reference pitch".

The accepted "standard" reference pitch is A=440 Hz.
The "standard" means that 99% of recorded music is tuned to this pitch,
and contains sound frequencies that are mathematically calculated relative to 440 Hz.

Saproling's music IS NOT tuned to A=440 Hz.
ALL of Saproling's music is tuned to A=444Hz (in some cases A=432 Hz).
(for reasons not to be mentioned here due to their potentially controversial nature,
although you are encouraged to research these reasons yourself)

The benefit of tuning to A=444Hz is that when the frequencies of notes are calculated mathematically,
the next C note higher in pitch becomes 528 Hz.

528 Hz is a frequency that has...
let's just say,

"special powers"...

Quite a claim, right?
Definitely worth some research.
But the only way to absolutely know for sure
is to listen and experience it for yourself.